Graham Bugby's Memorial

We will be performing a short set for the memorial of former Index and Del Sharron's drummer Graham, we were the last band he played with and the last place he performed was with us at the Thurmaston PWMC which is where the memorial is being held, Graham was an instant hit with all of us at the Del Sharron's, very talented drummer and the nicest guy you'd ever meet. We were truly deeply shocked by his passing and we will dedicate our entire set on the night to Graham and his family, it’s our pleasure we even got to share the stage with Graham truly a wonderful man, in the short time of knowing Graham we picked up vital hints and tips from him and we are still inspired to reach the quality standard that Graham reached in his performances week in week out.
Thursday 19th March @ The Thurmastion Progressive Working Mens Club from 8pm

Adults £3 
Children Free 
Paid on entry to concert room 

There will be music from the likes of Pete York, John Darrell, Martyn Russel, Index, Paul Ravell and The Del Sharrons 

There will be 2 different raffles, one on the door and the other to be done during the night with a range of different prizes to be won. 

ALL money raised will go to RSPCA


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