New members and our plans

As some of you may know this Saturday just gone was our much loved bass player Scotts last gig with us.
Due to other commitments he had to make a very hard decision which was if he could continue playing with us as well as being
able to keep up his other commitments, but sadly he had to decide it was time for him to part.
We just want to say a huge thanks to Scott for all the commitment and dedication he has put into the band over the last six years
and wish you the best of luck and every success for the future. You will be sorely missed, so here's to you, cheers Scott!! :-)  

So what's next then? Well for the first time in six years of us gigging we have decided to take a much deserved break and have
a couple of months off from gigging!!
But that's not to say we wont still be working hard as a band for we intend to use this time to find and work with our new replacements
learning new material!!
We will keep you all updated on here of our progress and what we have been up to so we can stay in touch with you all whilst we take
some time off.
So really exciting times lie ahead and we can't wait to get learning with our new recruits who shall be revealed to you as soon as we have
decided our final line up ;-)  
anyone wishing to get in contact with us regarding the positions available feel free!!

So here's to us, onwards and upwards because the sky's the limit!! We shall Look forward to gigging for you again in a few months time

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