This Saturday June the 11th Nottingham Oddfellows and new recording teasers

Right after some long hard work in the studio we are very pleased to announce that we have some high quality finished recordings of the Del Sharrons. We have approached production completely ourselves using all are own gear and experience to completely record everything in house, in various locations across Leicestershire. We had little or know budget to put forward but that didn't matter as our enthusiasm carried us through. Now we need to thank Lewis Allen, some people may know Lewis he's a great part of our band stepping in on his electric double bass from time to time when our Dan is busy double bassing around the world, and boy I can't tell you how much we owe Lewis for his incredible talent and his desire to help us. Means alot to us and we couldn't of done it without him we owe our lives to him. 
Now we haven't decided as a band what we are going to do yet with the recordings so please be patient.
Please follow link to listen 

Listen to The Del Sharrons - Wonderful World by BarryFrench #np on #SoundCloud

Don't forget to check back we have a great gig this Saturday in Leicester at the Nottingham Oddfellows big dancefloor!

Now some might know that our Matt has unfortunately been in a critical condition in hospital for the last 6 days, he's doing very well and improving day by day, if anyone noticed our last gig at Heather the Queens Head we were only a three piece. We thought rather than having to cancel the gig and the lads were happy to keep going in Matt and Sharons absence. And boy they did a great job! 
Matt is determined to get back up onstage but you may not see him just yet, the band will still carry on though as normally.
 Hope to see you all at our upcoming gigs

Much love 

The Del Sharrons 


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