Matt Collins - Vocals & Sound Engineer

Matt enhances the band with his perfect harmonies and backing vocals, aswel as taking lead singing on songs from artists he admires such as JD Mcphearson and songs from Si Cranstoun. But also having great passion for music from original fifties artists such as Eddie Cochran, Jackie Wilson, little richard, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Elvis & billy lee riley He Also enjoys modern artists or 'RnR Revival Artists' and he takes a lot of influence from  The BellFuries The Jets, The Stray Cats, Darrel Higham, Bo Walton & Pokey La Farge

Matt has been with the band for 5 years, just over half of the bands lifespan and a true asset he has been taking the band further on so many levels, so well infact that Sharon made him manager of The Del Sharrons quite a while back. now. But Sharon of course still has the final say being the original founding member, She has had belief in Her band for nearly a decade no and she is truly the glue that holds it together.