Sharon Thurston - Lead Vocals &

Rhythm Guitar

Sharon first started playing guitar when she was 13 years old influenced strongly by her dads own passion for playing. She has always been passionate about rock n roll and all other kinds of 1950's and 1960's music, predominantly due to her parents being heavily into this themselves. She did a BTEC performing arts course at school and loved every minute of it and has always enjoyed singing since a very young age.

Sharon has only started playing guitar more seriously in recent years, from around the age of 19, but has always enjoyed playing. With her dads strong interest in music it was inevitable that one day she too would share the same passion.

Sharon was also given the opportunity to sing with The Firebirds, Rock and Roll band, at a Yesterday Once More 60's weekend event. The band as a whole have also had the pleasure of playing a couple of songs alongside The Houndogs, upon request at one of The Houndogs Gigs in Peterborough.


She has an amazing set of vocals full of raw talent which gives her her very own unique sound and never fails to give it her all on stage. There are not many female lead singers covering the songs in which she sings so well, with most of the original versions of the songs being male vocalists, bringing a whole new dimension to the band itself. The Del Sharron’s have been together for over five years with thanks to Sharon for putting it together. She is the glue of the group and hopes one day for the band to be very successful in many different circles.


Ryan John Smith - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Ryan has been playing guitar for over five years and has recently started singing. He started off by trawling Leicester city centre, playing 'open-mic' events. After doing this for around six months, he decided to put out advertisements for a band as he was struggling to get gigs as a solo performer and so the band who around the same time were looking for a young lead guitarist to join the band due to a previous member leaving the band and Brett having to change his role in the band, found Ryan a young 18 year old lad heavily interested in the same genre of music!
Ryan is now a valued member of the group after nearly 4 years of first joining us. He has added new qualities to the band by bringing his showmanship to the group. Whether he is doing 'Elvis legs' or his interpretation of the famous 'Duck Walk', Ryan always keeps his promise of putting on a show for audiences of all ages. He also adds backing vocals and sings a few songs himself.
His passion for 'rock n roll' music and his ability to be a fast learner have helped the band in more ways than one. His musical influences include: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Pete Townshend (The Who) and Jimi Hendrix.

Matthew Collins -Backing Vocalist Lead vocals