Previous Members, History & Their Furture Endeavours 

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Matt Collins (Lead Backing Vocals & Sound Engineer)

Matt has stepped down from The Del Sharrons, and has moved on to an exciting new project with Sharon in a brand new band called Whiskey Jean and The Chasers, where Matt shall be taking on even more of a lead singing roll as the band is going to be dual fronted With both Matt and Sharon Fronting the band. We aim to be a high quality 1950's style dance band with the twist being its dual fronted. to find out more about Whiskey Jean and The Chasers click the link below!

 Daniel Gill (Double Bass extrodinaire & Vocals) 

you’ll find him plying his talents with great acts such as Jimmy and the Houndogs

he’s also had huge success playing in a Greed Day tribute act called Green Date, they’ve won the national tribute awards Best UK band for 2017 and 2018! Find them here  

Barry French (Bash em Barry)  

Barry has joined Leicester based metal band called Final Coil they are currently recording original music in studios over Italy, you can find them here 

also if he’s the drummer for local Leicester band the Silver Threetles, a must watch band if you like the 60s.  

Ryan Smith (Stingy Redcoat)  

Ryan after graduating University with a Mechanical Engineering degree has decided to concentrate on a new job he has secured working for a top international firm, he’s also been busy writing his own original music so please take a look at his page  

Sharon Thurston

Sharon is currently training to be a radio presenter and hopefully will have her very own radio show on local radio! She also does a regular radio show on WDIG Radio AM14.50 based in Dothan, Alibama US  with fellow Del Sharron Andy H. The radio show is broadcast out in America but you can listen to their show The British Invasion Show, Every Friday  6pm-8pm   UK time   or   12pm-2pm   US time   on the internet, just click on the link below

We would like to thank all those members mentioned, we have had an amazing time performing with all of you, we took the Del Sharrons to some amazing places and we have some beautiful memories we shall never forget. Its been an honor to share the stage with you all and we’ve made some great friendships.  

We need to give also special mention to all musicians that have been part of the Del Sharrons family for the last 10 years Scott Antil, Ste Johnson, Brett Taylor, James Collins, Daniel Gill, Ryan Smith, Curtis Louth, Lewis Allen, Andy Horrobin, Darren Storer, Rob Thurston, Mick Collins, Terry Cowlishaw & Pete Bardsley.  

Love to you all, please keep supporting live music and the Rock n Roll clubs! 

and most importantly

Keep Rockin'  


The Del Sharrons

Ryan Smith - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Ryan was and is still a valued Past member of the group after nearly 5 years of time with the band since first joining us when he was just 18 Years old. At the time he added new qualities to the band by bringing his showmanship to the group. Whether he is doing 'Elvis legs' or his interpretation of the famous 'Duck Walk' by Chuck Berry, Ryan always kept his promise of putting on a show for audiences of all ages. He also added backing vocals and sung quite a  few songs himself, gaining a name with fans for his deep johnny cash style vocals and taking over the role of The Del Sharrons Orignal Very Own Big Bopper mr scott antil and excelling in the role he soon stole the name for the best big bopper impression around!
His passion for 'rock n roll' music and his ability to be a fast learner have helped the band in more ways than one. His musical influences include: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Pete Townshend (The Who) and Jimi Hendrix. May he Succeed in all his new endeavours, a guy who has not only been a loyal and valued member of The Del Sharrons but has also become a friend for life xxxx

Dan - The Double Bass Man

Dan or Dandylion as he got nicknamed by the group was an amazing talent and our first double bassist. Dan was young when he joined The Del Sharrons and had great charisma on stage. He is a solid strong and professional musician one of the very best and if that wasnt enough he is also a multi instrumentalist!! Dan will always be remembered for standing on his double bass and doing tricks with it throughout performances. Dan we cant praise you enough and thank you too for your loyalty for many years and most of all thanks for making my year by performing a gig in my blouse because you forgot ya shirt. We all have a soft spot for you a great friend of the bands forever im sure! We wish you every success with your continued music career and may great things happen for you.

Barry French - Drums - Percussion

Barry first joined the band by replacing Curtis Louth in October 2015. Originally a Dep however he soon became a part of the permanent Del Sharrons Family For a further 3 years. Barry is also known amoungst other musicians as having one of the largest drum sets in Leicestershire which he used some time ago for his Original band - Wake via Satellite. Barry had experience in many genres and 1950's Rock 'n' Roll was far from his most enjoyed genres of music to play, but it was the atmosphere that the band produced onstage that drew him to become a full time member. Yet again we've gained a friend for life in Barry and wish him all the best for the future! xxxx

Darren Storer - Roadie

Since the band started, Daz has been a huge, but sometimes forgotten, asset to The Del Sharron's! Without his help with driving the van for us and his help with carrying equipment we would not be where we are today. And after 5 years he still remains as the bands roadie and loyal supporter of The Del Sharron's. So thanks Daz for all the hardwork you have put in over the years and for letting us turn your house into a practice room haha!!

Scott "The Big Bopper" Antill - Bass Guitar

Scott was a founding member of the band and had only been playing his bass since the band first formed in 2009 at the age of 19, which is when he decided he wanted to learn. It became evident very quickly that he had a natural feel for the instrument.
Being a founding member he also had the opportunity to play with the band at The Houndogs gig in Peterborough, however the band had thrown him in the deep end as he had to play a double bass as opposed to a bass guitar for the first time ever. Despite the odds being against him playing the instrument successfully, he shocked us all by playing it as if he had done it a hundred times before which then resulted in him buying a double bass of his own which sadly he only ever played live on stage with us once.
He will always be remembered for his near  on perfect renditions of The Big Bopper's songs that became legendary for many of our audiences! So thanks scott for all the hard work over the years it was a pleasure and a priveledge!

Steven Johnson - Ex-Drummer